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Making disciples who reach UP, IN and OUT.

The Missions and Evangelism team has been praying for and brainstorming opportunities to be salt and light to our community.  One of the ideas that came from that exercise was an outreach team that would leverage the congregation’s ability to give, serve, encourage, and bless anyone in our community with a simple (but powerful) act of kindness.  We named it the Butterfly Team after the butterfly effect- a phenomenon when a miniscule local change has a lasting effect elsewhere.  Many cultures associate the butterfly with endurance, change, hope, and new life. The idea is to provide a simple and creative “vehicle” for the congregation to use a means to “reach out” and share God’s love through encouraging words and deeds.  Plant the seed; pray to water it; and God will make it grow!  The Missions and Evangelism team is very excited about the potential of the Butterfly Team to reach out in our community and connect people to the mission of God.


The first butterfly event

We want each of us to participate this week in praying for our neighbors, friends, or other people on our hearts – letting them know this by posting a brightly-colored butterfly note on their door.  Ideally, the prayer would be done close to the property/home of the person (but it doesn’t have to be) while taking a walk or driving by their home (practicing social distancing, of course).  The butterfly template can be printed from this link or copies can be picked up at the church (drop box beside the mailbox). 


Another option would be to create your own butterfly at home.  It’s one simple act of kindness that could have a profound effect on those who may be grieving, scared, or hurting.   


1.       Print, pickup, or create butterfly template

2.       Cut out butterfly shape

3.       Personalize – add handwritten notes (as the Spirit leads you) identifying yourself.  Add your own artwork if you want!

4.       Pray for your neighbor/friend

5.       Post the butterfly on their door


“Therefore, if you are in Christ, you are a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come.”   2 Corinthians 5:17